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New Home Savings With Geothermal Systems

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Save 70% in
annual energy costs


geothermal heating and cooling systems

Save Big With Geothermal For Your New Home

Building in New England? Think Geothermal. Tap into the temperatures below the Earth’s surface, to save up to 70 percent in annual energy costs and improve your comfort year-round.

Tax Credits, Incentives & Rebates

It’s time to get your tax credit!

New Home Construction

Save money year-round with the environmentally friendly way to cool and heat your new home!

Why Geothermal?

It’s the ideal alternative energy solution for heating and cooling.

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Schedule a free consultation with our geothermal experts.

Building a new home?

Partner with our award-winning geothermal company for geothermal heating and cooling your New England dream home. Discover the geothermal advantages for your new home or vacation home in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Why Quest Geothermal?

  • Award-winning geothermal contractor
  • Years of experience as a geothermal installer
  • Offering the best in geothermal systems for new and existing homes
  • Work with builders and homeowners all over New England
  • Expertise in federal and state rebates and incentives
  • Low-cost financing for geothermal systems
  • Build the most efficient new home with 70 percent annual energy savings
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